Moving to Germany

I have decided to leave India 🇮🇳 for the very first time to pursue my dream of studying, working and living in a new country which is 7300kms away. The new destination was Germany 🇩🇪

Getting a visa to Germany was a very straight forward process for me. I had to submit the admission letter from the University (if someone is moving to Germany for job then it would be Job Contract) and couple of other documents to the German consulate in Bangalore. After about 20 days or so I got my visa for Germany to do my master’s degree.

I consider myself a dreamer, risk taker and an explorer. I always strive for growth. I like doing challenging things in life. I believe that life is short and and hence I want to explore the world as much as I can. I knew that in order to achieve great things getting far away from my comfort zone is the right thing to do. I left Bangalore on the 28th of September 2014 at 4:25am in Boeing 777 flight EK569 which goes to Dubai and then from Dubai to Frankfurt, Germany in EK045.

During the flight journey I still remember the immense amount of thoughts that was running in my mind. Along with lot of excitement that one gets when they fly for the first time I was also thinking about things such as

  • how would my university looks like. Would it be completely different than how it looks like in India or would it be similar
  • what about the accommodation. Does my accommodation looks similar to how I see in Hollywood movies?
  • how would people treat me once the reach Germany? Can a manage myself just by speaking in English?
  • what about food? I need to cook for myself and I cannot scream and complain like how I used to do in India to my mom saying that her food sucks
  • and the list went on ….

I reached Frankfurt around afternoon and from Frankfurt I had a take a train to reach my destination which was Heidelberg. I took ICE (Inter City Express) train which in Germany is the bullet train. It can travel up to 250km/hr in speed. The journey was about an hour from Frankfurt and finally I reached Heidelberg.

If I reflect back on this day it was filled with first time experiences. I had the first ever flight travel experience, first ever travelling outside India, first ever travelling in a bullet train and first ever long term living experience in a different country.

With the help of couple of seniors and faculty members from my university it just took me 1-2 weeks to get adjusted to the new country, new accommodation and completely new way of living when compared to me living in India.

I started to realise that we humans are wired to do the things which are similar to what majority of the people around us are tend to do. Even though when we realise what is happening around us logically does not make any sense, we tend to do those things unconsciously because that’s how we operate. When we take a leap in our lives and decide to move to a far away country we start to see new things that the people do which are not so normal for us and we start to understand that life can be lived completely differently than we always believed. We all have one life. I think it should be lived fully. If I am not living fully then it becomes boring and repetitive.

After living for couple of years in Germany I saw lot of (positive) changes that has happened to me and my life. I strongly believe that those changes are because of me experiencing my life by living both in India and Germany for many many years. I believe that this experience is very rewarding and it helped me to lead a better quality of life both personally and financially.

I always wanted to provide this experience to as many people as possible. For couple of years I have been looking for ways to make this happen and recently I have got the chance to join hands with my colleague, dear friend and now my business partner Vincent to start Destination Germany.

Destination Germany aims in filling the gap of supply and demand of technical talents in Germany by helping top talents all over the world to provide the opportunity to work for top employers in Germany by filling in the open job positions that needs to be filled.

We are committed to help as many people as possible from all over the world who are interested in moving to Germany to start their new chapter in their lives by working and living in Germany.

Ofcourse we want to help as many people as possible, but there will always be limitations. If you are genuinely good in what you are doing for living, curious to know more in your domain and have proven those things somehow in your home country then Germany will definitely accept you and gives you the best experience of your lifetime. And I would guarantee this because I am the living proof for it. I believe that if I can do it anybody can do it.

If this is convincing then go to our careers page and check out all the open positions that we are currently hiring. If you find the one that fits your profile then go ahead and apply for that position.

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