How did I become punctual living in Germany?

Hey friends welcome back to Destination Germany blog. Today I am sharing with you one of my personal experiences living in Germany which made me become someone who is always punctual.

If you are new here my name is Chandrasen, I’m an Entrepreneur & Engineer originally from India and now based in Germany. On this blog I will share with you my experience with regards to working and living in Germany. Living in Germany has helped me become a much happier, healthier and productive person.

After a month or so living in Germany, I slowly started to accept the fact that I am not in dream or something but actually I have moved to Germany, I am studying in a German university, living in a university residence and attending university classes where my classmates are Germans and others students from all over the world.

After couple of weeks of university classes on one Friday evening after our classes got over couple of us decided to go out for a short picnic on Saturday to one of the village called Mosbach which is about 1hr drive from Heidelberg. Mosbach is the home town of one of our classmates and she has invited a couple of us to visit her village over the weekend on Saturday.

As most of us were living in one or the other residence building inside university campus we decided to leave the university campus on Saturday morning at 8am in two cars. We said that everyone meet in front of the main railway station at 8:30am where the third car would join together to start the journey.

Being an Indian and living in India for 22 years, when I and my friends plan for a trip or anything similar I am used to the fact that none of us turn up at the agreed upon place and time punctually. I feel that we are so used this fact such that even during our planning phase we plan such that we keep buffer of 30mins to 1hr. That is to say, if we want to meet up at a certain place at 10am we plan to meet at 9am because we are used to people being not punctual.

When I was in India I did hear about Germans and their punctuality. And this was the first time I got the chance to see it in live. It was planned that I go with one of my classmates who has a car. In the university campus at my residence building my room was on the 9th floor and the windows of my room was facing the road on which my classmate would use to come and pick me up.

As I was more or less ready at around 7:50am, I was sipping in my morning cup of coffee looking through the window and checking every now and then if my classmate has arrived to pick me up. While I was looking at the window I saw my classmate’s car (which is a black Volkswagen Golf) approaching my residence building. I saw him coming and waiting in front of my residence building at 7:55am. As soon as I saw him I started to wear my shoes and jacket so that I can get down the building. Exactly at 8am I received a call from him saying that he is waiting down to pick me up.

The thing that I noticed is even though he has come 5mins early he did not call me as soon he reached my place. He waited for 5mins and only at 8am sharp he called me saying that he is waiting for me below in his car. This was my first encounter with a German and a live proof of how punctual Germans are most of the times.

At the moment of writing this blog post I have been living in Germany since almost 7 years and by now no matter what the occasion is or no matter with whom I am meeting being punctual has become a habit. To be honest I am really proud of having been cultivated this habit.

What I realised is that being punctual takes a bit of effort. It pushes you to plan better and when you plan better you automatically end up doing stuffs more efficiently and effectively. No wonder why Germans engineering is so efficient and effective.

This is one among the many good habits that I have learnt after I have worked and lived in Germany for many years. If you are someone who like to experience a whole new experience of working and living in Germany then we have a great news for you.

According to this source between 30 and 50% of German companies who operate in areas such as architecture, engineering, legal/ tax and information technology are hampered with finding the technically skilled candidates within Germany.

According to Statista upto 70% of companies in Germany had difficulties filling vacancies for IT specialists in 2020.

„% of companies in Germany had difficulties filling vacancies for IT specialists in 2020 split by company size“

It has been mentioned that the shortage of skilled workers can become a serious obstacle to growth due to the gradual retirement of baby boom cohort (people who are born between 1946 and 1964) and weak growth in labour productivity.

In order to tackle this issue of technically skilled labour shortage, Germany has passed an act called „Skilled Immigration Act“ on 1st of March 2020. In this article it is mentioned that this act is a new law which expands the possibilities for qualified professionals to come and work in Germany. Now, it’s easier for skilled workers with vocational, non-academic training from non-EU countries to migrate to Germany in order to work.

If you are someone who has a degree and a couple of years of work experience in any of the technical fields plus you are someone who always wanted to work and live in a foreign country then this is the right time to take a step further.

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