How I earned my first Euro in Germany?

Hello readers. This blog is aimed to share my genuine experience of working and living in Germany. In one of the previous blog posts I wrote about the different odd jobs that I took while I was studying my master’s degree in Germany. In this particular blog post I will elaborate on the very first job where I worked as a paper distributor.

After one month of me coming to Germany some of the seniors from the university shared with us about paper distribution part time job. This part time job was about 3 hrs per week where I had to distribute to one specific assigned area in the Heidelberg town. I have forgotten the name of the news paper, but what I remember is that this news paper was a free newspaper which could be distributed to anyone and everyone in the town.

As soon as I sign up for the job I get a paper distribution cart with two compartments and had to be picked up from the head office and should be kept at my place to do the delivery. In order to sign up for the job I had to write an email to the respective person who was in charge of hiring new paper distributors (which I got from our seniors) saying that I am interested in taking up this job. If I am hired then I would get the information about what the job is about, how much I get paid per hour (which was €8.50 per hour in 2014 and now in 2021 it is about €9.60) and where I can go to collect the cart from. Once I get the cart and get onboarded every week on Wednesday the paper distribution has to take place. On Tuesday every week I used to get the details of the location where I need to pick the bundles of papers and to which streets I am assigned to do the distribution for that specific week.

On the first week of the job I was super excited because I would be making significantly huge amount of money (€8.5 x 3 = €25.5 per week), atlest when I convert it to INR (Indian National Rupees) just for distributing the papers for 3hrs. But what I realised very soon when I started distributing the papers is that the whole job can be only finished within 3hrs only when I am super quick in doing the job. If I do it in quite a relaxed way then it would easily take more than 4-5hrs for me to finish the job. I think on my first week I almost took a bit more than 5hrs to complete distributing the papers and I still remember how exhausted I was after completing the job.

To be honest this was the very first job I have ever did in my entire lifetime. At the time I did this job I was 22 years old and until then I lived my whole life with the support of my well off parents (atlest to Indian standards) who never told no to anything that I had asked for (ofcourse within the limits). As this was the case I never had to work for someone to make my living while I was studying. Also, it is quite common among the people who are in the middle class and above middle class in India to live their lives completely based on their parents income and only start earning once they are done with their studies.

I think I started working on this job in the month of November 2014 and in December for couple of days there was snow fall happening in Heidelberg. I think these days were the most toughest days to do the job. The reason being that we had to pull the kart for quite long distances and it used to get tricky and hard to pull the kart when the pedestrian path is filled with snow. But looking backwards I am proud to say that I was persistent enough to successfully do this job for 3-4 months.

I still remember the feeling which I got when I first received my salary of around €102 after finishing my first month. It was a very proud moment for me because it was literally hard earned money which I earned for the very first time ever in my entire life. At the moment while I was doing all these jobs I was always asking myself, what am I doing here in Germany? I was living like a king in India and now I am doing these menial jobs. But if I look back now and think about those days I am more than happy to say that those were the days which made me the person who I am at the moment.

Even while I was doing those menial jobs, in the back of my head I always had this thing that whatever I am doing right now is short term and temporary and I am capable of doing something really big in the future. Living in a foreign country means living far away from our comfort zone, and all the great things happen only when we get out of our comfort zone.

If you are someone who wants to level up your game by exploring your life by living in Germany then this is the right time for you to take next big step. To just give you a bit of background, Germany lacks a lot of technically skilled people. To be exact, in the coming years Germany has demand for around 700,000 people with technical skills. In order to fill this gap, in March 2020 it has also liberalised lot of rules and passed an act called Skilled Workers Immigration Act (Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz) which makes it easier to get visa easily for broad range of people living in non-EU countries.

The good thing about you coming to Germany is that you do not have to work on the menial jobs which I did when I had come to Germany. Instead what you will get is the chance to work in a new country, which for someone like me is quite a far away from my home country. I believe that we all have one life to live and when we get the opportunity we should definitely take it to explore life changing experiences which can be lived by working and living in a foreign country with completely different culture.

I really do not say that everything in the western countries will be as shiny and amazing as we think while we live in our home countries. Some things will be really difficult (especially in the very beginning) for example getting accustomed to new culture, new language etc. and some things will be very easy and less bothering for example health care, financial support, work culture etc. All in all, life lived in a different country is a very transforming experience. After living for many years if we look backwards, I promise you that the amount of life lessons and experiences that you would gain will be tremendous and unimaginable.

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