How does life looks like on Sundays in Germany?

Hello readers. This blog is aimed to share my genuine experience on working and living in Germany. In this short blog post I would like to share my experience on how Sunday’s in Germany look like. In India as well Sunday’s are pretty quite compared to other days but in Germany Sunday’s are far too quite such that literally nothing happens.

I am sure that you all would have heard the saying „Work hard and party hard“. After living in Germany I am quite convinced that this saying holds very true to Germans. On a general note I must say Germans are the most hard working people I have ever encountered in my life. Large part of the population are really hard working and have high integrity and loyalty.

When you get the chance to spend a bit of time in Germany its very much noticeable that Germans are hard working. Right after living in Germany for an year or so I got curious about the topic of why India is poor and Germany is rich and wanted to understand the topic at the core level. After doing a bit of rabbit holing I realised that among many other reasons, the entire population in Germany being hard working is one of the major reasons for it to be rich. This hold true not only for Germany but also to all rich western countries. By the way if you are interested in knowing more about this topic you can checkout the article in my blog on which I had given a speech at Toastmasters.

According to what I have noticed living in Germany for more than 7 years, most Germans work hard like crazy. They go all in from Monday till Friday. Starting Friday evening until Saturday night they party hard and then on Sunday they take time to relax completely and get ready to start new week.

I found one video on YouTube which explains how serious Germans take Ruhetage (literal translation: silent days). Ruhetage includes Sundays and also any public holidays as well. On these days literally every commercial activity except restaurants are closed. All the supermarkets, medical stores, shops etc. are closed. This means if you plan to do grocery shopping over the weekend you better plan to do it on Saturday. As it is explained in the video as well you are not even allowed do some home improvement activities which might end up making noise.

I remember one incidence which is worth sharing. I along with my friends where we got into trouble for violating this rule of Ruhetag. I got invited to a birthday party at my friend’s place in Mannheim, Germany. The party was on Sunday and the plan was to have lunch and then in the evening have some drinks and get back home. That evening went a bit out of hands and we were really loud with music and dancing. We were about 10 friends who were having our time and at around 9pm or so we heard the sound of police car passing near by. We thought that its just a police car passing by the street. After couple of minutes we heard someone knocking on the door. When my friend went to check he saw that it was cops. It seemed that one of the neighbours of the apartment building gave a complaint to cops for the loud noise, music and dancing. We were quite lucky that nothing bad happened, they gave us a warning and told us to not make any noise.

To be honest once you are here in Germany you realise that this type of stories are quite common among people who live in Germany. Most of them would have had similar stories to share because there is high probability that your neighbours are in their old age and they like to enjoy their Sunday’s quietly.

To wrap up this blog post I would say that all in all, life lived in a different country is a very transforming experience. After living for many years if I look backwards, I can proudly say that that amount of life lessons and experiences that I have gained living in Germany is unimaginable.

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