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Destination Germany finds the best skilled workers for your needs. In doing so, we fill the vacancies precisely. Our Search based on your company values and the profile you are looking for. On this basis, we currently find in average Already matching profiles in only 14 days for you.

Added value for your company


Your company culture

We are theambassadors of your company. We identify candidates who share your company values. We start with a detailed analysis of your corporate culture and then we apply this analysis to the search of your new colleagues.

Furthermore, we coordinate the interview process and ensure that you have sufficient time to get to know each other.

Stellen-Profil erstellen

Together we create the profile for the search. We record hard facts such as language skills and required work experience. For example, we can specifically find candidates who already have a certain level of German language skills.

In order for us to find the best talents for your company, we give great importance in understanding what makes you stand out as an employer. With the profile created, we start the search directly. In our screening we check the suitability of the candidates.


Presentation of the candidates

Destination Germany only introduces you to suitable candidates. In our Screening we check in detail whether the qualification, professional experience and cultural fit match your wishes.

Only after this detailed screening we present the profiles to you. After your give us a "go", we plan the first meeting. In this interview you can get the personal impression. Afterwards, we plan the further interview steps.

Now you are colleagues

After all the interview steps are completed, the only thing missing is the contract. We support both sides as a neutral ambassador and mediate for both sides.

As soon as the contract is agreed, we start with the preparations for the move of your new employees. Visa, relocation, accommodation and social integration. We support the entire process!


Our Strength is social integration

We take care of the social integration of your new colleagues. You can continue to concentrate on your core business.
We take over from you the process of:
Applying for a visa, finding a flat, smartphone contract, taking out health insurance, applying for a social security number, accompanying official channels, airport pick-up,...


1: Interview phase

1 -2 Months

  • Intake meeting: Vote on search
  • Screening of candidates:We only send you the matching profiles
  • Interviews: get to know your future colleagues
  • Qualification: Review of technical skills

2: Employment and relocation

1 -2 Months

  • Employment contract: You agree on all framework conditions
  • We assist with the application for the visa.
  • Finding accommodation for your new colleagues
  • Move to Germany

3: Social Integration


  • Integration in the company: Find a connection quickly with our integration plan
  • Social networks: Clubs and groups facilitate integration
  • Health Insurance contract and applying for Social security
  • Accompanying official process for re-registration in Germany

We are strong together - our network

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Candidate Profile

ios developer Paulo IT Mitarbeiter Recruiter

Paulo - iOS Developer

"I have already been to Germany several times and am looking forward to work and live in Germany in the future!"


  • 14 years of experience
  • iOS Developer
  • Experience in the FinTech sector, among others
  • Swift
  • MySQL, Linux, Java


  • Computer Programming
  • University of Mendoza (Arg.)
  • Fluent English
  • Spanish mother tongue
  • Have started to learn German


  • Combining professional success with a move to Germany
  • Experience and share Germany's culture and values
  • Implement exciting projects


  • Tech Innovation
  • Tech-Gadgets
  • Bicycling and Jogging
  • Hiking and climbing


  • Marcelo will move to Germany alone
  • He plans to visit his family annually
Vincent Ramm Destination Germany

Vincent Ramm

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